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Virtual dedicated servers (VDS)

Virtual dedicated servers (VDS)

Powerful, reliable and secure virtual dedicated servers

    – For hosting larger web or IT projects and mailboxes
    – For running software requiring a dedicated server
    – When there is a need of flexible control of server settings and preferences

We will provide you with a safe, reliable and powerful server running Linux operating system, installed in a data center. You will be able to administer the server from a web-browser and through an SSH connection.
For your convenience, we install a website hosting management tool and the server is fully prepared for website hosting and e-mail services.

Virtual dedicated server planshosting services

    (the most popular plan)    
Plan Name VD-PN0 VD-PN1 VD-PN2 VD-PN3 VD-PN4
RAM memory
The amount of server memory (RAM) is calculated excluding the amount used by the operating system kernel. Using Names VDS servers, you can use up to 20% more memory.
1.5 GB 2 GB 3 GB  4 GB 8 GB
Storage space
We use rapid 15,000 RPM SAS drives and RAID1+0 to protect the data.
10 GB 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB
Network bandwidth
All VDS dedicated servers are granted a 100 Mbps Internet connection; there are no limits of and additional charges for network traffic.
100 Mbps, unlimited amount of data 100 Mbps, unlimited amount of data 100 Mbps, unlimited amount of data 100 Mbps, unlimited amount of data 100 Mbps, unlimited amount of data
All VDS servers are granted a part of the CPU. In case of a partial CPU load, it is possible to use up to 8 cores.
1 x 2,4 = 2,4 GHz 2 x 2,4 = 4,8 GHz 3 x 2,4 = 7,2 GHz 4 x 2,4 = 9,6 GHz 8 x 2,4 = 19,2 GHz
PLESK management tool
Our servers have the most popular server management tool installed which facilitates the management of your website and e-mail and provides you with a reseller's environment. Only in CentOS servers.
Plus Plus Plus Plus Plus
Remote server management Plus Plus Plus Plus Plus
Free generation and storage of backups in a remote data center. In addition, we provide you with tools for additional data copies.
Plus Plus Plus Plus Plus
Free maintenance
We help to solve minor issues free of charge. You can also order a full support.
Yes (15 min./month) Yes (15 min./month) Yes (15 min./month) Yes (15 min./month) Yes (15 min./month)

Monthly charge

15.93 € 22.88 € 31.57 € 48.95 € 72.12 €
CentOS Linux buy buy buy buy buy

Prices are shown excluding VAT.

Related services

Server maintenance services
If you do not plan to maintain the server yourself, we can offer you inexpensive maintenance for you.

Professional Hosting
We will ensure fast and flawless operation of your website and guarantee its availability.

Apache Tomcat
Support provided by VD-PN2 plan and onward

Technical terms of service

- VDS servers do not use a swap file.
- Every server is granted a separate 100 Mbps data channel.
 Additional disk space is priced 1.45 € / month for a GB.

Linux Linux operating system
We can install CentOS 5.2 or Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 operating system on the server. CentOS is a 100% RedHat Linux compatible open source operating system, Debian Linux is a popular community driven Linux distribution. We provide the server with an IP address and an SSH connection, so you can fully administer the server, install software and change settings.

Remote server management tool
We provide a tool for administration of a virtual dedicated server, using which you can securely:

- Stop, start, restart the server
- Manage files on the server
- Reinstall the server
- Monitor server load and usage of resources
- Adjust security level and firewall settings
- Install and update server software

Parallels Plesk Control Panel Parallels Plesk
Parallels Plesk is a very simple and clear website hosting and email service administration tool. For your convenience, we install this tool on the virtual dedicated server and provide a free licence allowing to host 10 domains. With Plesk you can create separate logins for a separate website and provide e-mail users with a possibility to manage their mailboxes.
Plesk also offers distributor and customer management and billing modules. This enables you to provide hosting services to your customers.

For more information, see Parallels website:
Illustrated usage instructions can be found here.
PLESK helps to administer the following technologies and features on the server...


PayPal, MoneyBookers, Google Chekout, WebMoney, WebToPay.COM, Paysera ...